Partnering Artists with Opportunity - Nashville, TN


Marie Lange proudly launches Monarch Talent Management after 10 years behind the scenes in Music City USA.  Many times Marie can be heard to say “My only musical talent is appreciating it!” but she is also a fan of excellence in any form, so it is a natural progression that she enters the arena of promoting, booking, and developing the artists she has come to know, love, and enjoy over the years.

In 2005 Marie came to meet, know, and understand the varied world-class musicians, band leaders, and club owners all along Nashville’s street of dreams on Lower Broadway. In 2007 Marie married Eddie Lange, an accomplished and established full time musician in Nashville. Throughout the next 9 years, whether touring with her husband, back-stage access to the Grand Ole Opry (more times than she can count), or being a fly on the wall at sessions and other recording events it became very obvious that the quality of these Artists (lead vocals, harmonies, backing bands, showmanship) ARE the Talent that brings people to Music City time and time again, and that this Talent should be brought to and available to be enjoyed by the masses.

Marie’s mission is to partner with the current stable of artists that have signed with Monarch Talent Management and work diligently with venues/promoters to provide them with the affordable quality Performances they SO deserve. This stable of talented artists is uniquely diverse in its offering yet wholly similar in their expertise and distinction.

All of the artists under the Monarch umbrella have been performing and entertaining with the best in the business for at least 10 years, many of them for 20-30 years or more. The term “Seasoned Professionals” doesn’t even begin to encompass the spirit and quality of our Artist offerings.

The Monarch Talent Management Story